Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13

Hello Everyone!

I am still alive here in Gattaran, and still loving it!  The mission really is the best.  This week we have seen some success.  It is fun to open an area, because you get to see the area go from nothing, to really growing.  We have seen a lot of miracles here this week.  Maybe I'll share one or two with you.

In our weekly planning last week we felt that we should set a goal of 4 sacrament attendance, even though we only had potential investigators at that point.  So we worked all week to get some investigators to commit to come to church on Sunday, but they weren't able to over and over again.  Attending church is actually one of the hardest things for people here in the Philippines, because they have work to do every morning.  They don't have days off a lot.  But we kept working and working.  Saturday came and we still hadn't gotten any solid yes's.  But that night, we went and taught a part member family, with 2 investigators.  At the end we committed them to come to church, and they accepted!  I was super excited!! But I didn't really think we were going to reach our four.  But the next day we went to church, and sure enough, there were our two investigators, ready for church!  I was so happy to see them there.  We sat down and listened to the speakers and partook of the sacrament, and when it was done, we were talking to some of the members, and one of the members came up to us and introduced two of his friends that he had brought to church to us! I was so excited!  The Lord had answered our prayers, and had truly made a way for us to reach our goal!  It was great!  

I know that the Lord helps us reach our righteous goals, if we are willing to do our part. Thats all I've got!

I hope you all have a lovely week. 

Elder Childs

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