Tuesday, October 11, 2016

October 10

Hey Everyone!

This week we got to watch General Conference!!

General Conference was really uplifting.  One of the themes that I saw from conference was that of God's love for us.  I really felt that all our Heavenly Father desires is for us to just be happy.  We are His children, and short of taking away our agency, He will do everything He can to get us on His team, and keep us there.  He will line everything up for us, He will make anything happen that needs to, just so that in the end, we can return and live with Him again. After the conference I decided that I want to be better at helping everyone around me feel His love.  Its one of my goals for the next couple of weeks.

Yesterday we had a cool experience.  There is a member family in our ward that is really poor, and they started a house fifteen years ago, and have been unable to finish it since.  So they have been just living without floors, windows or doors, and with a roof only over one room of the house.  But last week a member of the stake presidency told us that there was a foundation that was going to pay for them to finish their house, and that they wanted us to come and help out.  So when monday morning rolled around, we headed over to the Regpala home.  When we got there we started looking around to see what we could do to help, and as we did, I saw through the broken walls of the home, a big white guy with a full beard walk up and start talking to some of the children playing in front of the house.  At first I thought he was a preacher from a different religion, but when we went over to talk to him, we found out that it was actually an RM that served in the Baguio mission!  There were five of them that came, and they were the ones who were running the foundation that had paid for the Regpala home.  They had come over as well to help out with the building.  It was fun to get to talk with them.  I was so so grateful that they were helping out my friends with their home.  If there is anyone who deserves the help it was them.  they are the nicest family and their faith is so strong, but they come from such a poor background that they haven't had tons of opportunities in life.  I was so grateful to those men, and to the Lord, that the Regpala family was receiving some much needed help.  And now their house is nice and complete and they are that much happier and safer.  God really does bless His faithful children.

So in the Spirit of God's love for everyone, I think that service for everyone would be a good goal for me.  Serving in any way possible, whoever it is.  I have really noticed the relieving power of service in my life.  Whenever I get stressed or feel like I can't go anymore, it only lasts until I stop being so self centred, and start looking outside myself.  When I do that, when I find someone to serve, somehow, all of my stress or my fatigue seems to melt away like the snow under a warm spring sun.  God comes into my life and gives me new strength, and a new perspective.  But it does not happen until I decide to be more than just the natural man.  So serving everyone will be my new goal.  I really like the Proverb shared in General Conference,

"Ye lift me, and I'll lift thee, and together we'll ascend, eternally"

I don't know, it just seems like my life is getting so full of blessings, that Heavenly Father is giving me so much more than I deserve.  I haven't always been the most grateful person, but I am beginning to see the infinite reasons for me to be grateful.


Elder Childs

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