Sunday, February 5, 2017

February 5

Hello Everyone!

This week has been a good week!  Since the announcement of the new more focused key indicators, we have been having more focused work, and it has been good.  It is nice the freedom that the First Presidency has given the missionaries.  Because of the new focus, there were a lot of improvements in the zone.  This week, every single companionship had someone come out to church.  Even the companionships that have been struggling a little bit.   I think it is because excuses had been eliminated.  Before you could say, "well, even though I didn't have anyone out to church, we still taught a lot of lessons."  But now that doesn't fly.  Its fun.  I think that the work will move forward a lot faster now here in Vigan Zone.

The only bad thing is that I won't be here in Vigan Zone to see it anymore.  Last Saturday night the APs texted and told me that I will be transferring.  I'm now headed back to Cagayan!  My new area will be in Lal-lo. I'm excited!  It is a good area.  I came from an area right by that, so now I'll get to go to Lal-lo too!  The bus ride will be a little bit long, but I guess I can read or sleep or something (:

Yesterday after church we were talking with the YSA representative here in Sto. Domingo, and he told us he had seen a post on facebook that said, "love even when you have no reason to."  I liked it.  I think a lot of times I'm good at loving people when they want to listen and be taught, but when they reject us, my love for them kind of goes away.  So thats something that I want to focus on more.  In Moroni it says that charity never faileth.  So we must love everyone.  If we say we have charity, but there is one person for whom we have angry feelings, or have a grudge towards, or any other sort of resentment, it means that we do not yet have the charity that we need to become like Christ.  The charity that is spoken of in Moroni 7:48.  The charity that if we possess at the last day, "when He shall appear, you shall be like Him".  Thats the kind of charity that I am hoping, striving and praying for.  Because in the end, the two greatest commandments are all about love. 

I love  you all!  Have a wonderful week!

Elder Childs

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