Sunday, June 25, 2017

June 25

Hello Everyone!

We have had another good week here in Santa Ana!  We have seen God's help in our lives again.  Even when things don't always turn out the way I thought that they would, they still turn out right, and in God's way.  The biggest news is that we will be having a baptism this saturday!  His name is JM, and he really was supposed to be baptized a couple of months ago, but his father (already a member) stopped coming to church right before we were supposed to have his baptism, and so we haven't been able to continue the baptism for a long time. But recently he and his father have started coming to church again, and so we will have his baptism.  I'll make sure to send pictures next week.

This week we also had zone conference and interviews with President Andrada.  It was really good.  I always feel blessed when we get to meet with President Andrada and be blessed by his spirit and knowledge.  We learned lots and lots that will help us be better missionaries.

As for our other investigators, we have been feeling God's hand in our efforts to help our current investigators, and in our efforts to find new investigators.  One that stands out in particular is Rolly Galope.  We found him the first week that I was in the area.  He is seventeen years old, and was always interested in listening, but he always had a hard time understanding the lessons, and he never followed through on his commitments.  But this last week while we were on exchanges, Elder Murillo felt that it was time to visit him again. So they went by his home and taught him.  He promised to read and to come to church, and when sunday morning came around, he was there!  He came with one of his neighbors that is a member.  Then in the afternoon we went by his home to teach him again, and it turned out that he had read in the Book of Mormon as well!  Then the biggest miracle (for me) was when we were sharing with him.  We talked about faith, and had him read from Alma 32:21.  One thing that was always hard for Rolly was explaining the scriptures after he had read them.  We after he read in Alma with us, without being prompted by us, he gave a wonderful explanation of the meaning of faith, and then went on to add a little more of his own.  It was so cool to see that as he read from the Book of Mormon, his understanding really was opened up.  It is so wonderful to see him really start to progress in the Gospel.

I know that this is the true church, that the Book of Mormon is true, and that if we follow the principles taught therein, we will find happiness.  Not some fake happiness that will leave us after a short time, but real true happiness that will continue through this life, and into the eternities.

Have a wonderful week.

Elder Childs

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