Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23

Hello Everyone!

I have had a really good week this week!  We had a stake conference this week, and it was super good!  We had Elder Pangan come and visit us, and it was really good!  They talked a lot about service, and our responsibilities as members.  One thing that I really liked was a video that Elder Pangan showed.  It was the bible video of John 21.  The story of John going fishing again.  A message that we can learn there is how important it is to serve others.   It reminded me of something that I heard a week or two ago.  There were a couple of missionaries in a different mission, and it started to rain, and it was coming down pretty hard, so the two missionaries texted their mission president and asked?  "Should we still work today?"  And all that they recieved in reply was, "If you think that the rain is stronger than your faith, don't work."

In life, there are a lot of times that we don't have the ideal situations in our life.  Sometimes, like the first apostles, we face loss and being lost.  Sometimes it isn't sunny.  But the thing that we have to remember is, that we can decide if we are going to keep doing the Lords will, keep finding His lost sheep, or if we are just going to fall back into the same routine that we always had before we came to know our Savior.

Jeffrey R Holland said, "The crowning characteristic of love is always loyalty" and if we love the Lord, we have a work to do.  It does not matter what happens to us, we must continue doing His work.  We must show our love for the Savior.  And I know that if we do, if we continue to serve, we will recieve the Lords help.  We will see miracles in our life, and we will find peace and joy in our life.  I know that that is what God wants for us.  I know that is what God will do, if we will do our part.

I have truly seen that.  That the time when you feel you cannot go any farther, that you cannot do any more, and you try and take one more step, that is when you see the most help.  The time when you see the miracles that God has waiting. I have seen that help time and time again, when I feel like I have hit my wall.  When I feel that my body or my emotions or my intellect cannot take any more.  That when I try and make that one more step, God gives me help that I did not know that I could receive.  I know God will do that for you too.

Elder Childs

Lunch at Rafael's

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