Sunday, July 24, 2016

July 24

I don't have tons to say today, but life is going good.  We got some rain, we met some new investigators, and we have some progressing investigators.  What more could you want in life right?

One of the new people that we met is named Nilo Singson.  He's a really nice guy.  He is one of the government officials here in Gattaran, and he is super nice.  We got to talk with him about the gospel.  He has a really big love for his 3 daughters, and he really wants them to be happy.  The first time that we met him, he spent at least 15 minutes just telling us about his daughters.  You can really tell that he loves his family, and so the gospel will be perfect for him.  We got to share with him about the Prophet Joseph Smith this week, and we gave him a book of mormon to read.  I think that he will be a good investigator.  He really values the word of God, and wants to learn if the Book of Mormon is really scripture.  Hopefully he and his family will all be baptized in the coming month or two.

Another fun experience we had was with finding.  We were in one part of our area called Newagac, and we decided to talk to all of the houses on this one path.  So we started and we didn't find anyone who was really ready to listen.  But on the very last house on the street we met a couple of really nice ladies named emily and july anne.  They were very willing and ready to listen to us, and were especially excited about the book of mormon.  They said that their whole family would want to read the Book of Mormon.  They also will hopefully be baptized in the next couple of months.

Thats about all I've got!  Life is good, life is happy.  I don't have any complaints.


Elder Childs

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