Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 31

Hey everyone!

I have had a good week here in the Philippines.  I just love it here so much.  There is really no place that I would rather be.  One of the exciting things that happened this week is there was a typhoon that passed by our little Gattaran.  It wasn't too bad, but it did get pretty windy, and the power went out in the city.  And then came back, just not at our house.  Hopefully we will get it looked at today.  We think the power line to our house probably just got severed in the wind.  We'll see though.

Other that that, we got to visit some less actives, find some new investigators, and teach some good lessons!  At the end of the week, we had some of our investigators to show up to church. All in all a missionary week.

 I have made a goal to be better at my journal writing.  Its my goal to have a journal entry for every day until the end of my mission.  Then hopefully I will keep on going.  I was impressed with President Wilford Woodruff.  He said that after he heard Joseph Smith say that we should be a record keeping people, he never missed a single day, and because of that, we have much valuable church history.  Hence my new goal.

I have thought a lot this week though about how important the temple is for our life.  For one, it is the only place in the whole world that we can be sealed to our family for time and all eternity.  For another, there is so much guidance to be received if we will just enter the walls of that sacred building.  The third, is that we can just be closer to our heavenly father if we will just enter the building that has been dedicated is as His home, here on the earth.  I have seen the temples be such a motivation for so many people, but the sad story is, after we have been a member for how ever many years, we start to forget the sacredness and importance of that holy edifice, so my challenge to all of you, is to make your temple worship a regular event.  If you can only go once a year, ok.  As long as you make it regular.  If you can go more than that, great as well.  It just needs to be regular. Heavenly Father has promised us so many blessings if we will just go enter the sacred ground of the Temple.  The temple, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful words in all the english language.  It will be the greatest blessing for your life.  I love you all, have a great week.

Elder Childs

Me making coconut shavings!! It was actually fun.  I hope I get to do it again sometime.  Basically all you do is crack open the coconut, and then they have a metal thing that you use to scrape all of the meat out of the coconut.  Then you use it in ginataan!  Tasty (:

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