Sunday, August 7, 2016

August 7

We finally got our power back after five days.  It turned out that our meter had been completely fried, so they put a new one on and it was alright!

We still don't have water, but our landlord says that he will be fixing that soon.  We have a toilet, but there just isn't any water in the tank.  We just have to put our own water into it.  I didn't actually know you could do that until I got here in the mission, but it flushes just fine like that.

My daily routine goes like this.

6:30 Wake up, carry water upstairs.

7:00 ish.  Take a shower

7:30 eat breakfast.  Usually eggs and rice or ramen and rice or anything, as long as it has rice (:

8:00 leave!

12:00 come home eat.  See breakfast for what (:

1:00-4:00 STUDIES (so so so important)

4:00 leave again.  Work work work!

9:00 come home.  Sometimes earlier, depending on appointments.  We can't always stay out till nine, in which case we come home around 8

then we eat write in my journal, sometimes extra studies, or talk or whatever.

10:30 go to bed.

The other night we visited our investigator Princess, and she has been struggling to know for herself if the church is true, but last week we committed her to read every day.  She did it and this week, when we taught her, we talked about her upcoming baptism on august 20 and if she had received an answer, and she said that she had.  She said that she believed it was all true.  It really strengthened my testimony that we really need to read the Book of Mormon.  It really will strengthen our testimony and spirituality.

I won't list all of our investigators today. We have almost 40, but they are all doing good.  The progressing investigators are Menalyn, Ednalyn, and Princess.  Some others that have lots of potential are Bong, Nilo and Nirio.  They could all use your faithful prayers.

I love you all!

Elder Childs

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