Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29

Hello Everyone!

I have had a good week!  I have been super busy here in the office.  I am the supplies manager, and so I have been busy taking care of everything that needs to happen in the transfer.  I am in charge of all of of the supplies for the mission.  Ordering and distributing.  I am also in charge of making sure the apartments are safe and well equipped, which is sometimes a hassle because sometimes missionaries want things they don't really need, but its ok.

My new companion is Elder Nuada.  He is from Manila and is a joker.  He is a really nice guy though and really hard working.We got to hang out with some of the new missionaries that came in, and we got to eat out a lot with president because of it.

We usually spend the morning in the office, and then the afternoon we proselyte.  But last week we didn't proselyte too much because we were super busy getting everything ready for transfer day.

Our area is still in Laoag but kind of far from the office.  We ride bikes to get there and there are lots and lots of progressing investigators there.  We will be having some baptisms this september.

Our apartment is close to the office.  Its two stories and has air conditioning, which is really nice, except its also really expensive.

I have been learning lots of good life skills here in the office, like prioritizing, which I have  always been really bad at.  Hopefully I will be able to use that in my studies after I get home.

I have been learning a lot about the need to change though lately, so I really liked the quote that you sent.  I think that if I can change even a little bit every day to be a little bit more like the Savior, I will end up being alright at the end of my life.  So I hope that I can really follow through on that.


Elder Childs

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