Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August 23

I have really almost no time today.  I am going to make this a quick email.

I have gotten transferred into the office, and right now, we're getting ready for all of the new missionaries coming into the office.  I'm back in Laoag again and I'm glad to be here.  We haven't really stopped since I got here, and its been an adventure trying to adjust to everything really quick.  But I have seen a lot of really great miracles as I have been doing it.  There are four of us here.  Me and my companion and then a senior couple here.  The Kohls.  They are from Colorado and they are super nice!  Their mission is actually in the temple, but it is closed right now, so they are here with us until November.  They don't really know Tagalog so I have been practicing my English.  Sister Kohls always laughs at me because I speak Tagalog to her and she has no idea what I'm saying.

My companion is Elder Nuada and he is from Maynila.  He is a super nice guy and I think we will get along really well.  He loves to play basketball and be outside and all that great stuff.  He is actually going to be going home at the same time as I am so that's pretty cool!!!

Thats all I've got. This is a picture of me and brother Kohls.

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