Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15

Hello Everyone!

I have had a great week!  The two biggest things that I have learned this week are this.  First, The importance of Self Evaluation.  The second, is the importance of family history.  I will talk a little about the first first.

We were having a little bit, or maybe a lot a bit of a bad week.  We hadn't been able to teach hardly any lessons and it was getting us a little bit down as a companionship. So one night in our nightly evaluation, we decided to think about what we were going to change in order to make a change in the work we were able to do.  We decided to give it a day to just think about and receive revelation, and then the next day we were going to talk about it.  Me and Elder Ibanez thought about it for the next day, and were taught by the Holy Ghost.  Then when our companionship study came around we were able to set some solid goals and plans for what we were going to do. Then for the rest of the week we tried our best to apply the things we had learned, and we ended up doing so much better.  We were able to really meet people and talk with them about this Gospel that I love.  It really made an impact on me, and I know that just taking time to evaluate yourself is super important.

As for family History, we started working with one of the YSA (Dante Baltazar) to help him connect his family tree together.  He started with absolutely nothing, and we have been just working on getting his parents and grandparents, and great grandparents entered in, with all of their children.  The thing that really impressed me was the spirit that I felt as we were working on that.  I know that it was the Spirit of Elijah that was promised, and I love it.  There really is such a power that comes into your life as you work to complete saving ordinances for those who cannot do it for themselves.  It was fun for me to feel again.  I challenge each of you to do something with family history this week, and I know that you will really feel that same spirit.

I know that this is the true Gospel, and I love it.  I love you all,

Elder Childs

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