Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19

Hey Everybody!

I have had another good week.  We were a little bit busy in the office, so we didn't get to go out tons, but almost every day we did.  One thing that I've thought about though is how important it is to stay completely away from any sin.  We were teaching Dennis the other night about the WOW, and it was good.  He had heard it before and he knew it all, but he still would sometimes drink alcohol with his friends every once and a while when they came over, but he said only a little, and he felt all right about that.  Truth be told, it probably doesn't really have that big of an effect on his health, if it really is only rarely, but as we tried to explain it to him, the thought came in to my head that there are some times when we keep the commandments, not for ourselves, not because there is any visible worldly benefit, but because we love our Heavenly Father and just want to do what He wants for us.  There shouldn't always have to be a reward for us.  Sometimes it is enough that our Heavenly Father has asked us to do it.
When we really understand that principle, we will really feel the blessings of God's love in our life, and we will really become happy.  But when we try and justify just a little sin, because its not really super against the commandments, we will be missing out on so many blessings.  So I've been working on willing obedience, willing strict obedience to God's commands, because that is what He asks of me, and because he loves me, and I love Him.

Thats all for this week.

Love, Elder Childs

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