Sunday, January 22, 2017

January 22

This will just be a quick email today.  Not lots of time again.

For me this week, we had a pretty good week.  We started out with a lot of people missing their appointments, but in the end it was all alright.  We had a couple of investigators come to church for the first time so that was good!  Their names are Rose Vic and Lorna Semana.  They have been investigators for about a month, and it was good to finally see them come out to church.  It was their first time to go to any church anywhere except for a catholic church.  But hopefully they had a good time.  We got there fifteen minutes early, and there still wasn't anyone there except for the branch president.  They felt a little bit awkward about that, but after a little bit some members showed up.  In the end it was all ok.

Other than that, we had a pretty boring week.  We had some issues that we had to deal with in the area and zone, but everything is mostly ok now.  Hopefully this next week everything runs a little bit smoother.

Elder Childs

Here are some pictures.  The one is me being super lazy and letting one of our investigators pull me on a water buffalo sled.  They use it to transport rice and such.  Then there's one of us at the beach with some fellowshippers.  It was fun!  Then the last is a cool road we walked down the other day.  I don't think very many people actually use it, but it was a cool little shortcut!

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