Sunday, January 8, 2017

January 8

Hey Everyone!

I have had another good week in Santo Domingo.  We have been working with some really good investigators, and hopefully they will be getting baptized in the coming weeks.  We have one family that has really been our focus.  We really feel they are ready to be baptized.  It is the Tabutol family, and we were able to visit them a couple of times this week.  They have been doing their reading and praying, we just need to get them out to church!  Pray for them that they will be able to get up on Sunday morning (:

I have been learning a lot from our investigators though.  There are different levels of investigators.  There are some who seem to just have this real desire to learn, and there are some who are interested, but not a whole lot, then there are the ones who are basically just listening to us to be nice.  I've noticed that the ones who really desire the knowledge understand our message a whole lot faster than those who are just listening to be nice.  The same applies to all of us.  We can't expect to understand the Gospel if it is merely a curiosity for us.  Just as Abinidi said to King Noah and his priests "Ye have not applied your hearts to understanding, therefore, you have not been wise."  How much more would all of us understand if we would just apply our hearts to understanding.  To really hunger and thirst after those eternal truths.  I pray that we can all feel that thirst in our lives, and then search until we find the "living waters" that can quench that thirst.

I love you all!

Elder Childs

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