Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 14

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Its been a good week!!  On Saturday I saw someone carrying a dumbbell made out of red and pink balloons, so that was pretty fun. For my birthday, We had a member that made some good food, bulalo, which is cow foot.  Its really good.  And some other delicious stuff.  They also bought me a cake, but I haven't had time to eat it yet.  We've been really busy.  It looks tasty though!  Here in the mission, for me at least, a birthday is just another day.  I didn't really feel any different, and we didn't do many different things either.  There are still tons of people who need the gospel, even on my birthday (:

You asked about what my biggest struggle and best moments have been so far...the hardest thing in the mission for me has been working in unity with my companions.  I have a kind of dominating personality, so its been good to work on being more humble and trusting in my companions instead of just taking the whole lesson.  I'm doing a little better at that though, so that's good!

The best thing is just getting to see people change their lives.  There is a very literal light that comes into peoples lives as they try to live the Gospel.  The feeling in the home of someone who is adhering to the first principles of our Gospel is very different from someone who isn't, and I love seeing that light come into peoples lives and homes. I didn't realize how different it was until I left Utah.  Now I realize the true blessings of the Gospel for a family.

 I have learned a lot this week.  But I think that I can sum up all of my learnings by telling you about one person.

His name is Bobby.  8 years ago he was a black belt in karate.  He taught lessons to large classes and was fairly successful.  He had a body that could do whatever he wanted it too, whenever he wanted it too.  He had life going pretty good for him.  Then one day he got Typhoid.  The sickness left in its path a body that could no longer move, and a life that appeared to be broken.

To other people at least.  To Bobby, he knew where his trust was.  He knew that it was the Lord that was his guide, and that his life was in the Lord's hands.  And so he didn't let it get him down.  He just had faith, and continued to do the things he could.  For a long time he had to have someone cook, clean, and wash for him, because he could not do it himself. Slowly, because of his faith and miracles from the Lord he began to regain his strength.  Today he can walk, but only slowly.  The right side of his body still doesn't work for him, but he can do some simple things such as wash his clothes and cook his food.  He has come so far.

The thing that impresses me most about Brother Bobby is his attitude through all of this adversity.  He is one of the happiest people that I know.  He always has a little joke or a fun story to tell, and he loves to laugh.  He doesn't let anything get him down.  One day he was telling us about his day, and we saw a stain on the back of his shirt.  He told us that he had fallen down as he was walking to his therapy, and had to have some people come help him up.  As he told the story, he just laughed at the memory, and it made me smile.  Bobby understands that no matter what happens, we will not be left alone.  All we have to do is to reach out to the Lord, and he will carry us.  We will see miracles.

I just want you all to know I love you and appreciate you.

Elder Childs

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