Monday, April 18, 2016

April 18

Hello world!

It has been another good week here in the Philippines.  We have been working hard, and we had two baptisms in the district this week!  I got to spend some time with them just talking, and they are super cool and super ready to be baptized.  They both have really strong testimonies and a desire to follow Christ.  Thats about all you need right?  The one finished the book of Mormon in about a month, so thats pretty cool.  I love the two of them.  Its always good to see people enter in to the church.

You asked about people's acceptance of the Book of Mormon. We don't usually get a ton of questions about the Book of Mormon.  Usually they will hesitate for just a second, but usually they will accept the Book of Mormon, and commit to read it to know for themselves.  There are some who when they see it, and hear our testimonies, just believe.  Thats one thing I love about the Filipinos, they are super good at super simple faith.  

We had to say goodbye to our district this week.  Well only two sisters really.  But the district will be different next transfer.  We will be getting six new sisters, so our district is big now!  Its got 12 people!  It will be fun to see again/meet them.  Sisters are always the best, so it will be fun to have new ones.

This week I have been thinking a lot about love and patience, and how essential that is to every part of life.  I'm sorry to any of you who are sick of hearing me talk about love and patience.   I know I do it a lot, but its something I'm really trying to get better at.  But to spice it up a little bit this time I have  a story!  

Its not actually from my experience.  It is about a lady in the area of our zone leaders.  She is an active member, with less active husband.  She has been let down by him repeatedly, and has over and over again felt that she just wants to quit.  To leave and just be done with it, and almost everyone else is telling her to do the same, but what she told to our zone leaders is that every time she gets her heart broken, every time her husband does mean or stupid of thoughtless things, she just decides to give him one more chance.  One more chance for him to change, because maybe he will change this time. 

If that isn't Christlike love, I don't know what is.  God loves us enough to pick us up however many times we fall.  However many times we reject His help, he is always standing there, just waiting to let us repent, if we just want it.  Over and over again.  Every day, every night, year after year, He is there.  He will not let us down, if we just turn to Him, we will be able to experience His joy, but we must go to Him, He will not force Himself upon us. 

I also believe that if you want that kind of forgiveness, we have to give it, and forgive those around us.  Forgiving does not mean condoning, but it means loving in spite of the weaknesses and flaws of others.  And it comes from God.  

As we have patience with others, forgive them again and again, until "seventy times seven" we will receive peace and joy in our life, and we will see those around us change.  This is my testimony to you, and I know that it is true.  

Have a wonderful, forgiveness full, week,

Elder Childs

The District

Me in front of a fountain. 

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