Thursday, April 28, 2016

April 24

I don't have a ton of time this week.  I think I'm just going to answer your questions and then thats all.  Sorry! I'll try and write a better email next week.

The church buildings here are fairly similar.  A lot of time they are two story.  They always have a basketball court out front.  They are sometimes air conditioned.  All the windows have bars.  But its still a church.  Its not that different.

The church in the Philippines is still really young, and so a lot of times wards are still getting on their feet, still trying to figure out what to do, so I can't say that there are a ton of similarities in the way programs are run in Utah.  But it is still the church, and it still blesses lives (:

The farthest members are maybe five kilometers away. But we live maybe two blocks away from the church.  So thats nice.  But in other areas its a lot farther.  Thats only here in Laoag.

The ocean is really close, but I still haven't seen it.  Its not that close to our area.  But maybe 20 minutes and your at the ocean.  But we haven't found time to visit.  I'm not actually sure if its allowed.  

Filipinos eat all of the normal meals, and then they usually have a merienda or two.  One at 10ish and one at 3ish.  But that depends on how much money they have.  If you're poor, you only eat once or twice a day.  

My favorite treat is called Halo Halo.  Its just shaved ice that they put a bunch of stuff in.  It depends on where you buy it, but its got stuff like sugar, sweetened and condensed milk, beans, flan, ube, melon, corn, etc.  Its really good!

I love you guys!  Have a wonderful week!  sorry about my lame email!

Elder Childs

Me and my companion on his birthday. 

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