Saturday, August 8, 2015

August 8 2015

Howdy Everybody!!

I am loving being a missionary.  We pretty much do the same stuff every day here at the MTC, but the spirit is so strong here and I am learning so much so fast.  The gift of tongues is so real, let me tell ya.  We were reading in Job this past Sunday, and there was a scripture that I came across that I liked so much that I wrote it on the back of my notebook, and it has become my motto. Before I tell you what it is, first let me tell you a little about Job.  He was super successful in life.  Like the millionaire of the Old Testament.  He had everything you could ever wish for, sheep, cows, fruit trees, you know, the finer things of life (:  And Heavenly Father decided to test Job's conversion to him, and so he allowed Satan to take stuff away from him.  First his cows, then the rest of his animals, and all his children, and then he got boils all over his body.  Some really nasty stuff.  And this is where my scripture comes in.  This is in Job chapter 23.  After all of this bad stuff that has happened to him,  he says, "When the Lord has tried me, I shall come forth as gold."  How cool is that??  After I read that it became my goal.  Every trial I get, for the rest of my life, I want to have enough faith in My Lord, that I can have the attitude of Job.

President Nelson came on Sunday and it was super cool to hear him speak.  He is such an inspired man, and I know he's who the Lord wants here.  And on a side note, Me and my companion Elder Porter went and bore our testimonies to random people during our language study during one of the days this week.  (I don't know which one, time is not normal here in the MTC :)  and after we finished bearing our testimonies I felt so good!  Even though it was to a bunch of missionaries who obviously have a strong testimony, and it was in a language that they couldn't understand, the Spirit was there and it was awesome.  There is such a strong spirit that comes with sharing the Gospel with anyone.

I love you all and hope that you have a great week,

Elder Childs

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