Friday, March 4, 2016

February 28


Its been another good week here in the Philippines.  Its been getting hotter, but that's ok.  It's better than the cold.  My companion is from Aucland. Its in the south of the Philippines, and he is pretty cool! He has been out here in the mission for almost a year, and likes to play the guitar as well! He's a pretty nice fella. Oh his name is Elder Pareja.

One of my investigators is named Sabell. She is super cool and has spent pretty much her whole life searching for the true church. A couple of years ago she was in Isabella, and she got to meet with the missionaries there. She liked the church and was even going to church, but then she moved here and never met with the missionaries again, until now. We found her last week and she's pretty cool! She really wants to know about the church, and hopefully she can make it to her baptism as well!
Last Friday we had a young man work with us who is getting ready for his mission.  His name is Fernando, and he got baptized last July, and since that time he has really been striving to do everything that he can to follow the commandments and be ready to serve the Lord.  As we were walking at one point in our day, I realized how much Fernando reminds me of one of our investigators.  

As I compared the two of them, I realized how much the Gospel changes peoples lives.  I noticed a large difference in the attitude of the two.  Fernando is one of the happiest hardest working people I have met.  I also realized how much the Gospel helps enlarge the mind, and give light to our lives. I noticed a million other differences, but those were two of the ones that stood out to me. 

Many times before I came here to the mission field, I forgot how great the Gospel was.  Many times I didn't feel it was super important to make sure that I followed every command with exactness.  But since I've come to the mission field I have noticed the peace that comes from the Gospel, and the help in every part of my life.  I have learned how much I need the Savior in order to be truly successful in this life.  
So hopefully this week you will all do your best to live every part of the Gospel.  Don't let any little thing slip through, because who knows what kind of blessings we're losing!

That being said, let us not forget the Atonement as well.  When we are not perfect, when we do make wrong choices, the Atonement is our safety net.  If we turn to the Savior, we do not have to be afraid of falling, because we always have someone to pick us back up.  

I love you all, and have a wonderful week.

Elder Childs

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